Music for the Ages


Music for the Ages

There is nothing like listening to music to soothe and calmthe soul, specially after a hard day at the office. Many people like to get home from work and quickly freshen up. After preparing the evening meal we can sit with a refreshing glass of chilled wine and listen to some good music. The only thing that beats that is a good old game of golf. If I am not out on the course and I am not sitting at home listening to music then you will normally find me playing on my golf simulator, you can click here to find out more about the model I use.

These days there are so many different styles of music to choose from that it can become quite complicated to identify which style you are listening to. Often different styles have crossed leading to new interesting styles that really do not fall under and particular category. Many musicians mixed rock, blues,soul and folk styles in their songs during the 70's which started the idea of genre crossing.

Acoustic Guitar

Modern electronic music is a good example of this where many styles have crossed leading to brand new styles coming out all the time.Rap, dance, house, hip hop and techno are just some examples of music that can be mixed together into a convergence of modern sounds. There literally is no limits for creative DJ's to play around with so many different styles in one song.

Bands such as Linkin Park have mixed electronica with rap and metal all into leading to a new and fresh style that sounds awesome. Coupled with the fact they are one of the most popular bands in the world right now we can see that mixing styles is growing in popularity. This band is also the most liked on Facebook for any band in the world.

Less talked about bands are springing up all the time and are constantly mixing up new and interesting styles to develop new sounds that may define the future.

Metallica even performed with the San Francisco Symphony orchestra showcasing one of the most extreme crossing of styles ever recorded. This proved to be very popular and the CD went on to sell amazingly well. This further proves that diversified music will only get stronger going into the future and musicians need to try out different things to keep their fans excited.

I hope you will follow me as I look into creative new music and styles that stand out and may just define popular music in the future. I love to discover new and interesting music that stretches boundaries and develops new sounds, With modern recording software and home studies centred around the PC there really is no limit to what modern artists can accomplish.

Update 2014

I have just set out a brand new studio with everything isntalled from state of the art climate and air quality control to some awesome mixing gear and software. I will add a page soon all about it with some new pictures. Check back soon.


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